We Believe Stories Matter

When we open Capital City Chiropractic on January 10th, 2011, we had a dream that we could change the health of the city of Columbia. Mark and I moved in November of 2010, away from friends and family to a city we had never been to, because the studies said that Columbia was one of the most unhealthy cities in the nation and we weren’t ok with that.

We set out with pratically nothing but, this dream and this vision. Here we are 6 years later and what we’ve been able to see, well, it’s worth sharing!

One of our Core Values (a core value is something that we Believe AND Live Out) is that We Believe Stories Matter. We do, we truly believe that Stories Matter and they are not only something to celebrate, but, it also is an encouragement.

Maybe our story of truly trusting the Lord with a dream He put in our heart and moving to Columbia to make a difference encourages you and inspires you. How about one of the many stories of HEALING that people have experience through our care- stories of complete changes in habits, getting off of medications, living daily without pain and stories of total transformation. Each one of those stories matter and we’d love to hear yours!

Simply go to our Facebook page and either type in or share a video of your story- we can’t wait to CELEBRATE with you and for you!


Dr. Sarah Losby